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Name:Rhys Samson Morrison
Birthdate:Sep 8
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Rhys Samson Morrison (nee Meyer) is the youngest child and only son of a talent agent and his attorney wife in Los Angeles. He followed big sister, Laura, though the siblings have always been quite different. Despite the differences, they both had high ambitions and wanted the best educations. Having gone right through their school life in private schools, college fees were never an issue for the family. Where Laura would be destined to go to Law School and become an attorney, Rhys took a different path and because he couldn't decide right off what he wanted to do, he studied a double degree - Music and Early Childhood Education.

Rhys had an infectious personality all his life. He was bright, happy, friendly, had many friends, and is a tried and true goofball. He had a huge heart and was the sort of guy who would do anything for anyone who needed it. Many people would tell him growing up that he would make a great teacher, and it always appealed to him. At least, working with children did. At that point, teaching seemed like the thing that would make the most sense. However, like Laura, Rhys was also quite musically talented. He was more skilled in guitar and vocals, with a side order of piano. It would ultimately turn out that both his diverse education and passions would serve him well in the jobs he landed.

Instead of going into teaching after he finished college, Rhys score a job in New York working with an organisation called the Rainbow Brigade. They were a team of educated and skilled early childhood and music teachers who visited children's units at hospitals in the New York area. They would work with seriously sick children, such as those with debilitating conditions or cancer, and would sing songs, play games, do arts and crafts, have story times, dress up as cartoon characters (Buzz Lightyear is his currently allocated alter-ego) and just generally make the children's stay in the hospital during a scary time a little bit brighter and happier for them. Often celebrities would join the team as guests and partake in the activities. Needless to say, Rhys adored his job. Once he began work there, he never felt an urge to teach.

The only reason he scored a second job was because he was trying to earn a bit more cash to save up for a deposit to buy his own apartment in the City. He auditioned for an understudy role on Broadway, having singing and dancing skills, and surprised himself by getting the gig as the Johnny Castle understudy to Kyan Wilson in Dirty Dancing: The Musical, a Caden Drake production. It was a complete luck of the draw as far as he was concerned, being a very modest person in general. But the pay was great and would help him with his goal to own his own place and get out of the renting market.

Rhys has many medical friends doing the job he does with the hospitals, but probably his two closest friends in the world are Nick Matheson, Liz Harrison and Jordan Benson. He has had a few romantic relationships, though nothing really stuck to get to the serious commitment levels. He has no idea what he is looking for, despite his big sister trying to help him work it out. Mostly, he had just been enjoying his work and is always open to dates if they happen to come his way.

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